“Repeat after me,” Cricket said seriously, clearing his throat. “Do, mi, sol, do, sol, me, do” I shook my head, my eyes frightened. “Come on, ‘Li. Nobody’s gonna eat ya if you do it.” He repeated the arpeggio again. I timidly tried it.
Right on pitch.
Cricket & Tony nodded, impressed. “Twinkle twinkle, little star,” I began, gaining confidence.
“No offense ‘Li,” Cricket began, “but you could never carry a tune before..”
I shrugged. “I’ll admit, I couldn’t. And now I can.”
“Because you ate my harmonica,” Tony almost sobbed.
“I’m sorry about that.”
“What is all the racket in here?” Lin appeared in the doorway, annoyed as ever.
“Ah! ‘Li’s up, you’re here, so I can announce your next event!” Cricket leaped up, excited, rubbing his hands.
“You’ll have two days to prepare for it; I’d take all of it to get ready, too.”
“Come on, Broadway Boy!” Lin shrieked.
“Funny you should mention Broadway,” Cricket mused. “You’ll have to prepare a Broadway audition.”

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