Out my Bedroom Window

I looked wildly around the room. My eyes flashing to the front door, the window over the kitchen sink. I listened for any noise. Nothing but the hum of the air conditioner. I stood up and glanced towrd my mother’s empty rocking chair.She always sat there to read, sow or talk on the phone. I walked over and sat.
I sighed and picked myself up.Already ten minutes had passed and he still hadn’t shown. I frownedandwalked over to my apple that had browned silently on the table. After cleaning up the apple, I headed upstairs to read. might as well do something useful then wait for some boy that seems to read my mind I thought, furrowing my eyebrows.
My room with it’s yelow walls shined from the sun glowing low in the sky. I crept over to the window, book in hand. My eyes trailed down to the ground. Suddenly myheart missed a beat as I caught sight of a blond head.
“Ben!” I tapped on the window pane. He imediately looked up and smiled his great smile. I cranked open the window and waved.

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