A Hidden Love [Twilight Story Challenge]

Elizabeth Roux gazed though the walls of the castle and into another world as she floated down the stairwells to the catacombs beneath the castle. No one dared come done to these parts, unless the Duchess ordered so. She knew that anyone who entered these walss would never come back, or atleast not the person who they used to be before. The stories of a man who preyed upon innocent maidens.

It was known throughout the castle the whoever did not fill each comand of the Duchess would be sent into the catacombs to retrieve her some wine, since there seemed to the an endless supply. And many claim to see the spirits and lost souls of the dead who lie in the walls, or hear a voice around them. Elizabeth never experienced such things, which was the Duchess’s peeve. Elizabeth reached the wine cellar, quickly grabbing a bottle and turning around.

“Elizabeth Roux, you have come back…” The simple maid froze, the wine bottle slipping from her grasps, the velvet liquid inside gushing across the floor…

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