A Secret Love [Twilight Story Challenge]

Elizabeth Roux stared with frightened eyes upon the tall figure infront of her… A man who preys upon innocent maidens, who feasts upon their blood. A vampire they say. She stared into the darkness infront of her, only barely able to see the outline of the darker figure. The torches she had lit on her way to the end of the catacombs had been distinguished. The figure who appears to some, a radiating voice which travels throughout the tunnels. A vampire they say.

“Elizabeth Roux…” The voice said once again, her name sliding off his tounge so easily and smoothly. The voice of the shadow was strange, almost strange and harsh, as if barely used, but pronounced her name so gently. The echo of it’s melody still radiated off the walls, leaving a gentle hum in the air.

“Are you the shadow they speak of, the one who preys upon innocent maidens, stealing their blood and soul and bringing them into the darkness.” Elizabeth spoke, trying to appear calm, though inside her stomach clenched with fear.

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