Love from A Far [Twilight Story Challenge]

The man stared at the simple maid infront of him, the woman he had fallen in love with, the woman who was held hostage in the castle above. He took a single step towards her, only close enough for the torchlight to reflect in his eyes. The voice of an angel which filled the tunnels whenever she passed through. A hidden talent, a hidden beauty, cursed to be a simple maid.

“What if I am the shadow of which you speak, the one who take souls into the darkness of which is behind me. Am I the reason these walls are feared by all up above, the one who strikes fear into the heart and souls of many?” The man asked, his eyes staring into hers.

Slowly, the shadow stretched out a hand, the skin pale, as if it had never seen the nurishment of the sunlight above. A hidden beauty, wondering through the tunnels, who dreams of another world. Another world, another life. A gaze following her, listening to her songs, feeling her pain, her virtue, her sins, and her life.


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