I was walking down this aisle
Cereal box after cereal box
Lined up with shapes and sizes
Corn Pops, Cheerios, Lucky Charms
Color after color
We have an order here, don’t we?
Things have a place

Nutrition labels hog the side
Cartoons take the back
Six sides have a purpose
Apple Jacks, Cocoa Puffs, Captain Crunch
Reduced fat, but what about the sugar?
You only tell me what sounds good

Rows and rows of cardboard
Telling me that it’s the best
All competing for my vote
Raisin Bran, LIFE , Rice Krispies…

I wish it were that simple
That the world had aisles and aisles of cereals
That tell you when you need to do something
This, this will get you to do your homework
And this, well, this will keep you alert
This will get you that job
This one will get you that health insurance

But we don’t live like that
We don’t get that option
Because cereal is a beautiful thing
It’s simplicity is what makes us want it
And simplicity, well, is what we all want

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