Like a Lark

This is way too good to be true!

“Really?” I piped, quite literally, too.

Lin cried out in frustration, and Cricket watched her warily.

“Really,” he replied, nodding his head seriously. “You get to pick one famous musical and a song of your choice.”

“My voice is horrible!” Lin said, her black hair sweeping dramatically back and forth as she shook her head in defiance.

“I pick the ‘Sound of Music’,” I said, swaying back and forth to the melody that I was humming.

“A classic,” Cricket agreed. “What about you, Lin?”

“Who is going to be the judge?” Lin asked, her black eyes sparking dangerously.

“Why, Mama Rizzo, of course,” Cricket said, adjusting his glasses.

“What?!” this time both of us cried out together.

“She’s got a great musical ear, and was taking singing classes way before you guys.”

Mama Rizzo popped in from the kitchen, looking satisfied. “When you were starting out, I had come back and gone again.”


“Is an Italian-Greek saying,” she said, a wide grin gracing her face.

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