The Deli and I

As we walked he paused at a trash-can long enough to stuffed his lunch sack into it. It was then I realized how hungry I was. It was all I could do to stop myself from retrieving that brown paper sack.

We continued for several blocks, and then he opened the door for me at a deli and motioned me inside. The deli was nearly full, but he found a booth and we slid into it. He removed his fedora and laid it upside down on the seat beside him, then he shrugged out of his coat. I removed my hat and coat, my eyes never leaving his face.

He laced his fingers on the table and asked, “What’s your name miss?”

I couldn’t answer.
“Where are you from?”
I just shook my head.

I felt tears well up in my eyes. He handed me a folded white handkerchief, and said, “I’ll get us something to eat, do you have a favorite?”

“A ruben,” I said, then imediately wondered how I knew this.

While he was away I examined the deli, hoping something would look familur. It didn’t.

Minutes later he returned.

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