Article 31

As Captain Taylor does an about face and is about to speak, a knock sounds at the office door. Before the Captain has a chance to say enter, the door opens and a man steps into the room.

Captain Taylor and Lieutenant Vahn immediately snap to attention when they see the two stars on the mans collar. By his name tag they see that he is Major General Paul, and although neither man has ever met him, they know he is the Judge Advocate General.

“At ease men,” General Paul says as he steps further into the room. “Excuse me for passing on small talk and I can see from your expressions you already know who I am. So I will just get to the business at hand.” The General walked over to the Captains chair and looking at Capt. Taylor said “May I?” He sat without waiting for a reply.

“Gentlemen, you have caused this mans Army and the U.S. of A a shitload of problems. An Article 31 investigation has begun under the UCMJ to determine if we have sufficient evidence to have both of you court martialed.”

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