The Struggle of Steranis

It finally happened… The metallic taste of blood and the searing pain of the blade that had been plunged through Steranis’ chest was the climax of his realisation. The realisation of his impending doom. But, being a brave and proud warrior, he was determined not to go down without a fight.

With a mighty swing of his axe, Steranis severed the arm of his assailant. But, the sword was still embedded in his body and he was becoming weaker every second. He let out a gasp as his body began to fail, causing him to stumble. Upon seeing this horrifying scene of blood and metal, the remaining soldiers that dared to oppose this powerful man seized their chance to bring him down. They encircled him like a pack of wolves, drunk with the thought of the kill to come.

Another sword was thrust, this time penetrating his stomach. He knew his time was up. With his last ounce of strength, he let out a mighty roar. A roar so loud, it filled the entire battlefield. A roar that was finally ended by cold and remorseless metal…

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