Lunar Eclipse...

Hi, about a few weeks ago my life was flipped upside-down. It all started when my best friend, Robert Derrick, or Rob started acting a little distant. We’ve been friends since the 1st grade, so we’ve known each other a long time.

I don’t know what’s been causing him to act this way. My boyfriend, Nican, has been sick in the hospital. We don’t know what’s the matter. All I know is that he fell trying to do a jump, in his band Axel Lunar and the Third Alex.

And last but not least, school is horrible. Nobody likes me except Rob and Nican. So I basically only have two friends. All the girls tell me that I have to get out more and that I spend way to much time daydreaming.

My life was turned upside-down when the new kid, Demise, came to my class. He was always quiet and shy. Everyone laughed at him except Me, Nican, and Rob. I talk to him a lot now.

You’re probably wondering what’s so special about him…. Well for one thing he loves the moon and his hair is as white as it.


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