Do the Twist Baby

She swayed gently in time with the teen tragedy song playing in the background. Briefly, she wondered why all of those songs about horrific teenage death had such a perky beat. It was a puzzling, but fleeting thought. Nothing that merited Serious Thought. She put it out of her mind and soon she was tapping her foot a little and humming along as her hapless kids approached Dead Man’s Curve.

Her mind wandered on. An image of her boyfriend with his sweet smile and startling eyes floated up for no real reason. A hint of a grin ghosted across her lips as she went on to remember their last passionate night together. He made an appearance in her thoughts more and more these days. She figured this was what it felt like to fall in love.

The song changed but she paid little attention to the lyrics. The beat was strong and fast, just what she liked. She laughed out loud and started swiveling her hips, doing the Twist, giggling as she danced around the limp, bloody body at her feet.

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