Llama Level Weirdness

Bright sunshine ripped into my eyes and obliterated the dark smokiness of the dream’s beginning. Bright, cartoon-like hills came into view, covered in a swaying grass that seemed to keep rhythm with the song still ringing in my ears. It’d be stuck in my head all day once I woke up. Majestic mountains rose in the distance, literally popping up to disturb the cotton ball clouds.

Then the llamas showed up. That’s when I knew I was in trouble. You know your dream has achieved a new level of weird when llamas show up, unless you live around llamas, that is. The same principle applies to camels, emus, and topiary bushes.

Still, the scene was tranquil, downright idyllic really. It seemed as though the llamas were humming along to the tune from the cabaret as they munched the happily swaying grass. I found myself swaying along with the grass, a feeling of contentment sweeping over me. It was such a pleasant dream. Of course, things weren’t going to stay pleasant, oh no. That would be far too convenient.

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