A Good Time of Day for Photography

I took him to the approximate location of my first conscious moments a few hours ago. The sun was much lower in the sky.

“This is the perfect time of day to find a good location to snap some photos.” I smiled warmly for the first time today.

“How do you know that?” The old man was keen on the uptake, realizing this was a clue.

“I don’t know. I just remembered it!” My eyes grew wide. The wind whipped my scarf in front of my face and when I turned my head and moved it away from eyes, I noticed something on the ground. “There!” I shouted and ran.

The old man lumbered behind. I picked up a broken camera lens. He hobbled down the embankment to bend over another broken chunk of camera.

We wrapped the pieces up in my scarf but I had no memories of them. We wandered around the area for an hour, kicking up rocks moving tall grasses aside, finding nothing more than trash.

“Well Young Lady, time to call it a night before it actually gets to be night.” He wisely stated.

We walked back toward the town silently.

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