See No Evil, Hear No Evil Speak No Evil (Detective/Twilight Zone Challenge)

They were sisters, he soon discovered. All married. They were flawed, one couldn’t see, one couldn’t hear and the other could not speak.
The red head, Miss Grant, spoke for the trio, “Detective Keen, you simply must help my sisters and I. I cannot see your eyes but I know that you are sympathetic to our plight and will surely help us.”
These three witches, as he began to think of them as, stood before him seeking his help.
I could consult my doctor friend, Dr Sigmund Reed to help the red head gain her sight with new eyes, thought Det. Keen.
A hearing aid could help her sister. But what of the last of the odd siblings, her mouth was painted on by her sisters where a mouth should have been. She was the oddest of the lot.
“Ladies, let me see what I can do for you all,” said Det Kane Keen.
Having not heard a word of what he had just said, Miss Blue the deaf brunette shouted, “YOU SIMPLY MUST HELP ME GET MY HEARING BACK .”
The last sister held out her hand to shake the detectives hand and nodded her thanks.

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