life of bella

Bella walks around this new place shes been forced into because of her parents divorce and the only thing she can think about is that boy. That dark hair gold eyed boy that she met at school today. He is different some how but yet she is pulled to him. she wants to know every secret about him. she wants to feel all his pains. she wants to help him through this all and someday be with him forever. Because you see Edward Cullen is a vampire and she desires to be his wife. No matter what that may mean in the long run because without him her life is meaning less. she would have no future if he left her. Without him she would die. Being with him is dangerous as she would soon find out as she is being hunted. Edwards trying to hide her and make him give up. But shes not going to let him risk his life for her. But as the hunter James almost turns her white Edward saves the day and makes sure shes all right. As she sit in the hospital with her broken bones. she tells him that she loves him and not to leave her.

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