The strokes of the pencil came to me as if I had been drawing something I’d seen moments before. Every movement of the pencil came with extreme concentration and precision. Doing the shading was no problem, but drawing the shade was.

I shouldn’t be drawing, though.

I placed my pencil down and lifted my notebook up to look it over. The trunk of the tree, snow on the ground, and the thickest of the leafless branches were finished.

I really need to stop drawing.

The background, of course. That’s the only part I couldn’t place. Everything else came to me vividly and with a majestic frenzy, except for the background. I only see what I do for a split second—wait.


Trees were in the background, resembling the human race, and this magnificent tree, stands for the Lord; the branches his prophets; the trees in the background his children.

I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I need to stop.

“Still seeing from God, then, Darren?”

“Yes, sir..” I lowered my eyes and crumpled the drawing.

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