Residing Dreams (Chapter 28)

I’ve heard the saying”When one door closes, another one opens.”That was how I felt when I got to know January Jenkins really well, shortly after McKenna left Pleasantville Private School.In a way,I felt as if I could confide more in January than I could in McKenna,mostly because McKenna and I had a mother-daughter relationship(she being the mother)while January and I had more of a sister-sister relationship.She also never spoke bad about my father,and she told me earnestly that he was a loving,wonderful guy and she didn’t know how anyone couldn’t see that. Whenever I was with January,I felt like I was lucky.Even though we were both shy,we had many things in common.We were both deep,intelligent writers who pondered the essence of life.She even taught me how to make numerous origami projects,including paper cranes.I remember on Christmas eve we went around the town in the afternoon,giving out paper cranes to averyone we saw.They were a sign of peace, good health,and good fortune. All three I took for granted.

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