Detective Keen's Imagination Gets Wild (Detective/Twilight Zone Challenge)

Imagine a factory. Now imagine around 100 smoke stacks sprouting out of the factory, spewing toxins into the air. Add thousands of employees scrambling around, doing one thing or another. Now add giant labs, testing medicines, food additives, and other things we consume unknowingly in our food.

Well, Krylonite Labs was absolutely nothing like that.

Detective Keen was immensely surprised to see the taxi leave him in the middle of a sunflower field in front of a small, concrete building. It was the exact opposite of what he had imagined it would be.

Nonplussed, Keen warily walked through the door with a cheery welcome sign hanging crookedly on its front.

As he opened the door, giant plumes of blue smoke escaped from confinement.

A fire!

Keen raced inside, desperately searching for the source of the smoke.

Until a voice drawled from behind what appeared to be a smoldering desk.

“Can I help you?”

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