Shall We Dance?

I’m fascinated with rain. Intrigued. Thunder and lightning, too. If I reigned the power to make it rain, I would have a thunderstorm every single day of every single year.

I guess my love of rain was passed on to me by my family. When I was young and there was a thunderstorm, I wasn’t the stereotypical young-kids-are-scared-of-thunder. Maybe I was, when I was too young to understand. But at a very young age my Dad would bring me out to our front porch and he would sit there from the beginning of the storm until the end, watching the lightning and thunder and rain descent onto our beloved Earth. Of course I didn’t used to have that kind of patience or intrigue, so I would watch it for around ten minutes and head back inside.

There was a thunderstorm while I was in school a few days ago. I guess it was leftover from a hurricane. A few of my friends were terribly frightened; I wanted to go outside and dance.

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