Have you ever felt, different?

Almost like a certain uniqueness runs through your veins. Perhaps it’s a whisper in the back of your mind, or a cold chill when you think too deeply about your own destiny.

Have you ever sat alone in your room, feeling like the world doesn’t understand you? Some say you’re weird. You’re parents say you’re normal.

But how do you feel?

How do you feel when tragedy strikes the world? How do you feel when tragedy strikes your world? Do you think to yourself “If only I could do something about it.â€??

Have you ever felt a small voice answer back

“You can.”

“There are men, wrote Aristotle, so godlike, so exceptional, that they naturally, by right of their extraordinary gifts, transcend all moral judgment or constitutional control: ‘There is no law which embraces men of that caliber: they are themselves law.’”

Sixteen-year-old Marty Helm always felt alone. Until one day, a new girl transferred into his school and asked him:

“Have you ever felt, different?â€?

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