An Escape Begins

Naomi laid on her bed and stared at the ceiling. A cool night air blew in her window, it was refreshing and clean. She was carefully watching the clock, waiting for the next fifteen minutes to past. At 11:30 PM she would leave to meet her friend across town, but getting out wasn’t going to be any easy task. Somehow she had to fool the camera’s of the room and make them think she never left. Naomi got up and paced around the room. Living in a “secure” teenage enviroment sucked. She constanly had people listening to her conversations and watching her every move. She had an 11:00 PM curfew and if she broke it she would be on total lock down. Her parents did this to her, they were tired of her “criminal” ways, when she lived at home she had snuck out countless times and done a number of other “criminal” things. Naomi’s parents didn’t understand that she wasn’t doing “Criminal” things, just “Teenager” things. Naomi continued to pace she thought hard about how to get out of this place.

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