Now, Where Were We?

This is it, I figured. I’m gonna be gutted by a former best friend who’s, by the way, is a werewolf! I stopped screaming, & began to violently shudder.
Ella tore at the collar of my shirt, splitting it down the middle. I closed my eyes tight, bracing for the pain.
But it never came.
A low whine of fear issued in front of me, & her hands lifted from my shoulders. I dared myself to open one eye to see Ella stagger backwards, shielding her eyes.
What made her back off?
I looked down. I was wearing a tiny silver canister at the end of a cord around my neck. Ella must’ve mistaken it for a bullet!
I was saved!
She backed out of the light, moaning. Through the dimness I could see she crouched in pain, but the hair, tail, and snout were retreating.
Finally she stood back upright, breathing heavilly, but quickly regained composure. “Now Eddie,” she cooed, fingertips pressed together thoughtfully, her animal grin still plastered to her lips, “where were we?”
I swallowed. Somewhere not good, I know that.

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