Detective Keen Finds Some Things Take Some Getting Used To

Detective Keen was a bit startled by the display. “Uh, I, um…”
“Have an appointment?”
“Yes! I mean, yes I do.”
“Name please?” The receptionist began typing rapidly. As she tapped away, a cart with three canisters rolled past. They were boiling over with haze, but each was a different color: yellow, orange-red, & an odd shade of brown. Queer, Keen thought, they’re all tinged purple…
“Name sir?” The question sharply deflated his revere.
“Keen. Ka-”
“Kane Keen? Eleven-thirty?”
“Please take a seat over there; someone will be with you shortly,” the receptionist briskly, pointing towards a castoff set of chairs.
“Thank you,” Keen stuttered. This severe manner must take some getting used to, he mused.
He thought about those canisters. Strange, they’re all similar to…
“Mr. Keen?” Keen jerked out of his daze, facing a sallow man in a long beige coat. “We’ve been expecting you!” the man cried in delight.
That odd smile must take some getting used to as well… Keen thought uneasily.

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