FrEAks Part 1

Have you ever heard the expression “Something wicked this way comes?”

Martin Hubert Helm woke up tense that morning. His fingers were numb, and his breath was sour. Really, this was no different from any other morning. And that was one of the reasons, why he detested being awake. Though he did have others.

He dressed, and walked the dim street to his bus stop. It was damp outside and he could feel a slight draft. This was probably because of the holes in his T-shirt.

Marty didn’t have many friends. He really didn’t have time to, what with changing schools so often. It wasn’t that he enjoyed being alone, it’s just that, Marty Helm had an unusual talent. You see, when he got upset, people got hurt.

Necessitating that he relocate.

His classmates all thought he was a bad seed. The teachers avoided him. None of them knew, that something wicked their way came.

And that it wasn’t Marty.

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