Maria Feet

Lin turned to a corner and pouted in frustration.
Mama Rizzo went over to her. “If you want, I could, how you say, help give you a start, eh?”
“I guess,” she shrugged. They left the shack and strolled down the hill.
You gotta get a bit of practice,” Cricket said.
“But I can sing!”
“Ah, but that’s not enough. You may have the Maria voice, but do you have the Maria feet to match?” I cocked my head in confusion. “I mean, can you dance? You gotta be able to pick up a dance fast; there’s at least one number that’s just a dance in Sound of Music, y’know.”
I sighed. I was light on my feet, but I had no idea if I could dance. “You sure about this Cricket?”
“Sure I’m sure. Come on, Tony & I’ll help you out.”
Tony slid next to me. “Here, you put right foot in, right foot out… right foot in, now shake it around!”
“Tony!” I cried, trying not to laugh, “I doubt people do the hokey-pokey on Broadway!” He grinned.
“Don’t be so sure,” Cricket warned with a knowing smirk.

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