Detective Keen Learns Not To Buy Energy Pills Anymore

“I’m so excited to see that the public has taken some interest in this little lab!” At this, the scientist giggled a bit too enthusiastically.

“Yes…” answered Keen, not yet sure how to react to the very energetic scientist.

OH MY ! Excuse me! I haven’t introduced myself! My name is Dr. Hinklebuddy, Jr.”

“Very pleased to meet you, Dr. —” Keen started.

“You can just call me Dr. H!” interrupted Dr. H.

“Okay, Dr. H. Now—“

Ooh! How exciting! I’ve never had anyone call me my nickname before! You’re my only friend, Mr. Keen!” The scientist bounced around excitedly, knocking over small vials that Detective Keen barely caught.

“Follow me!” shouted the doctor, before hopping down the hall like a rabbit.

Detective Keen looked at the secretary, who was staring at the exchange with a stolid expression.

“I guess the Doctor’s new energy pills worked rather well,” she commented, before once again turning back to her computer and a cigarette.

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