Diabolically Villainous Results

Well, fifty-eight days ago, I issued what was seemingly an innocent challenge.
Boy, you guys proved me wrong.
I’ve never read anything so evil before this, and so much evil! I feel like I opened Pandora’s Box times seventeen.
Twenty-three ficlets of pure evil.
That’s enough evil to last me the rest of my life.
But I digress.
I’d never realized that there were so many facets to evil, so I’m going to judge in several of those facets.

Creep Factor: Killer to the Core, Music-Hearted

The Evil Child: Tie between Riley, ALRO ; & Who Am I?, Rae Belkcit
I don’t think I’ll look at a small boy quite in the same way again.

Beginnings: Mors, Laine P. Grey
Mors has the potential to be pure evil.

The Necesity of Evil Deeds: Give Me the Night, M. Paul Regret
Alas, if there was no evil in the world we couldn’t appreciate the good

Creature Evil: Scent of Fear, The Ghost in the Machine
Creepy drop-off ending. Leaves so much to the imagination.

Stalker: Mask of the Jester, NightMaiden

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