Diabolically Villainous Results, Continued

Heartless Killers: And the Angels Wept, Jenuique; There’s Always Tomorrow, THX
Sometimes one wonders what drives people to do things like this…

Comedic Evil: Frosty’s Return, The Mass Rock Dude
An interesting twist on the challenge, but I loved it!

Deeds Against Nature: Tears of Nature, OrangeOreos
Another interesting take on the challenge. So true, too

Suspense: The Piano, Oy
I liked the suspense, and the dastardly plot.
(and I must admit I have a piano soft-spot… intentional angling?)

Torture: Screams, Watween
My skin shrinks a size every time I read this.

Pure Evil: Weakness, Mad as a Hatter
Pure. Evil. End of story.

Someone who just deserves recognition for excellence: My Cousin Was in a Coma From Being Shot in Iraq or You Decide Who the Real Villain Is, Mighty-Joe Young
MJY never fails to surprise. Bravo!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! You didn’t make judging this challenge easy… thank you very much for that!

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