Best Lover?!

Chapter 1 – Caden Moore

“Wow, it sure is sunny…” I said to myself as I looked out the enormous glass windows. “Ho boy today’s gonna be another hot one.” I packed my book bag and headed off to school. School was always horrible because I had no friends except for Caden. He was the only person who understands me.

We became friends when we were only 10 years old. I was playing in the park one day and it was a little rainy. I was walking home and all of a sudden it started pouring. I started running to get home and found myself colliding with another person. He helped me up and introduced himself as Caden Moore. After that he walked me home under his umbrella. We’ve been best friends ever since.

Caden… there’s someone who stands out in a crowd. His hair is black with streaks of white and red. Long, choppy bangs cover his left eye. His bottom left lip is pierced. And his figure is almost as skinny as a toothpick.

I’d have to say… Caden is the best friend a person could want. I’m happy we’re friends.

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