Shadows of the past

“If only we could find out who Wystine and Shalem are- or were, then maybe they won’t trouble Medat’s dreams anymore”, thought Coralia
- The are many possibilities, Lalena told her.
Lalena was a psychologist and Coralia’s best friend. She came in town with a heavy suitcase and a mind full of ideas the same day when Medat was found unconscious on the beach.
- First, Lalena explained, they simply may be creations of his mind; like we all see in dreams- but it would be unlikely to dream of them over and over again. Or, they may be people he has known, from his life before…
Maybe… Somehow, Coralia was afraid of what it might have been- the life that Medat had before she found him lying on that beach. What if he had a loving wife waiting for him to return? Of course, it was nothing but a speculation in her mind she was willing to overlook for the sak of Medat’s peace of mind; and, then again, Medat’s dreams showed nothing of that kind-it looked more like Wystine and Shalem were his parents. Maybe..

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