They Don't Know

I rolled my eyes, not sure if he was kidding or not. “Alright, let’s start with some basic tap…”

The next day, I was almost trembling, I was so excited. I’d practiced my song and dancing late into the night. I wonder what Lin and Mama Rizzo did all yesterday…
A makeshift stage had been set up where the badminton court had been a few days ago. Tony’s shack was still crawling with family, and they were game to cheer us on again, so we all piled down to the stage.
Cricket made a bit of an introduction in Italian, so Lin & I pretty much tuned it out.
“So! Which of you two wants to go first?” he asked us. I nearly sprang out of my chair.
“And you call me eager?” Lin muttered low enough so I could just catch it. I shot her a look.
I mounted the stage, cuing Cricket to start my song, I Have Confidence in Me.
When I finished, I sighed deeply. Lin shoved past me to get onto the stage.
To my surprise, she began singing They Don’t Know.
My jaw dropped.

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