Reaching Out

We talked for an hour or so more, and by the end of our conversation, my muscles ached from smiling. Eventually, Rose had to go.

perfectkiss16: Hey, I hafta go, can you call tonight?
ColdplayFan08: Of course ;)
perfectkiss16: haha ok, ttyl then. Love you =)
ColdplayFan08: Love you too ♥

After Rose had signed off, I wrote several more ficlets. I was singing all the songs I was listening to, and only stopped smiling when I saw Candi’s Facebook status.

Candi guesses she put her trust in the wrong person… goodbye…

I sighed, and debated whether I should send her a message or not. My first thought was to just ignore her, but my better judgement told me to do otherwise.

...Candi? I know I’m probably the last person you want to hear from right now.. but, I kinda feel the need… I’m sorry I haven’t been talking to you lately, but I’ve been outa town.. I haven’t been thinking as much about you lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve changed… It would hurt to lose you as my best friend…

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