Residing Dreams (Chapter 38)

One thing that irked me in life was the fact that I never really made any male friends,except in kindergarten.Then, as the boys got older and,in my opinion,even more immature,things became different.They said I was weird mostly,since I stood out so much,which was true.But I wasn’t hurting anybody,and I had no disfigurments or gross features,so I didn’t feel extremely bad about that.McKenna, n the other hand,could go right up to a boy and start talking to him like he was a normal person,which,in some cases,was true.She was strong and gorgeous,with a dazzling smile,and I was petite,beautiful,and unique with an urge to be different,though not as my father was different. While I never liked to admit it to myself for some reason, he had a slew of male friends too. As I began to see the truth, this became surprisingly easier to admit to myself. I knew he was no lady’s man, but he was a “rainbow man.” It was only later in my childhood when I discovered a quality male friend, and I grew to treasure him forever.

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