...and the wiener is...

O.k. so it’s been awhile coming, I’d like to thank everyone for their wonderful entries.

For most ambitious – Blusparrow’s Angry Writer as saboteur miniseries. She really saw all this coming (or perhaps plotted it?)

For best bastardization of Ficleter(Flicketeer’s) and global implications of Ficlet meltdown- Jenunique, An Experiment in Determination

Most Poignant-Mistress Elsha Hawk- Kevin’s Suicidal Server(I actually teared up a bit reading this, one becomes very empathetic towards machines after this ficlet and wall-e)

And for reading my mind as far as what I was looking for in this challenge- Mighty Joe Young , The Rahma Lahma Ding Dong, cuz let’s face it we are the same person and if he didn’t win i would be hearing about it for like an eternity.

you have all unwittingly received your invisible edition of the Ficlinomicon- now find it(hint it is SOMEWHERE in your home)!

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