FrEAks Part 2

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.

Megan Daniels was an ordinary seventeen year old. Her father was an accountant, and an excellent middle management type. Her mother was a homemaker, and the transportation for her many after school activities. She herself was a cheerleader, an accomplished musician of both the violin and cello, and a fan of tennis. They lived in a big house, with a big yard, in a perfect neighborhood.

She also had many memories from her youth. There was the time when she and her father drove to the lake for fishing and a daddy-daughter day. Then there was the time her crush, Bobby McNeil asked her to her first dance. She also remembered planting lilacs with her grandmother last Labor Day weekend.

And of course, she could never forget the time she survived a tragic bus crash.

Try as she might, she could never forget that memory. It was a memory as cold as ice. And possibly so, because everyone on her bus died, frozen solid.

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