Life and Times of Lorraine Dakota- part 8

I stared at the small blade that had the reflection of myself staring back. I remembered quite vividly how great that pain felt emenating from my wrist. It blocked all the emotional pain that I had at that time. Back when Peyton left me in the dust for Bailee. And I thought that was as depressed as I could have gotten. Guess I was wrong.
I ran the little blade under the sink, cleaning it off from any germs it could have gotten from sitting in the back of the cabinet all these months. When I thought it was as sterile as it was going to get I turned the water off. I sucked in a big breath. the blade was just touching my skin, cold from the water….
My phone rang.
I jumped and dropped the small knife to the ground with a slight clatter. i ran back into my room and picked my cellphone up, saying, “Hello?”
“Lorraine? Hey, it’s me, Andrew.” My heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice.
“I…I wanted to say….that I was sorry for how I acted. Come over tomorrow?”
“Of course I will. 8 o’clock?”

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