The Police to the rescue

The boys ducked down beside the car, taking turns looking at the skeleton.
Bobby, the eldest by 6 months, said, “We need to write down the license number;” which he did, in the dirt behind the car.
“I’ll write it over here, too,” said Billy running back across the dirt road, and again, writing the number in the soft dirt.

Ernie and David kept sneaking looks at the skeleton.

The sun created fingers of yellow and red across the ski before it dropped behind the Rocky Mountain peaks. In the false light, the boys ran for each one’s home.

Billy’s folks didn’t listen to his tale, they were more annoyed that he was late for super. Ernie and David were brothers, and their parents scoffed at the telling. However, Bobbys parents were more accepting of his account and called the police.

It was dark when a patrol car pulled to a stop in front of Bobby’s house. All four boys had gathered there, and Bobby’s parents also greeted the police. The police grilled the boys on what they had seen.

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