Top Gangsta - (Gangsta Challenge)

“Sir, the latest estimates are in. Annually we could collect $21 billion for usage and $8 billion from sales alone. We have everything set in place. We just need your signature to proceed.” Martin was a little nervous. He had never dealt with anyone in this league before.

“Very well Martin. Where do I sign?” Martin showed him the signature line without a trace of the contempt that he felt, lest he be 1984’d into a terrorist and sent “away”.

“That number could go up dramatically if we classify retail credit card sales as online sales. Current estimates place total retail sales at just over $4 trillion, bringing an extra $276 billion annually.”

“Provisions have been made to address that with legislation that was passed last week. Senator Gordon managed to slip the appropriate wording in along with another one of them anti-terror bills. We’re good. Nice effort though.”

Martin was amazed at what he was willing to do in order to keep himself safe. Amazed at how corrupt he had become. There was no hope.

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