Accursed Existence

Maybe I shouldn’t have let her go off on her own. Perhaps she was too young, too frightened, too unprepared…

I paced back and forth, trying to get morbid images out of my head. Her failing to reach the safety point, or her being beaten by their agents, or her dying at their hands!

All these possibilities were almost too terrifying to imagine, but also very real in my mind.

And the chances of them happening were high…

They had sprung out of nowhere, and at the same time everywhere. They grew from a small force, into the largest political machine in the world’s history. Everyone had accepted their dominance, for they had no choice.

And the deaths that followed in their wake were simply a part of the deal.

Now, there is only me and the other resistors.

They’re hunting for us, and our precious secret.

And they’re not afraid to kill.

I paced even faster after old memories I would never forget came fresh to my mind, and I shivered in the cold, wishing the horror that my life had turned into would stop.

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