Night Out

It was a scorching July in Atlanta, the year 2026.

And Markus Jonathan “John” Walker was quite happy to hear a knock at his door. After a quick shuffle through his living room the man in a black button-up T-shirt and black jeans opened the front door to reveal his date for the evening.

“Hey handsome,” the redhead greeted to a brown-haired man two years his senior named Alex Rayne, who was a good seven inches taller than John’s unintimidating 5’7” and wore his trademark purple coat along with black dress pants and a black T-shirt. “You can’t leave that damn thing at home, can you?”

“It’s what people know me for,” Alex answered with a shrug, before elaborating, “Besides, I’ve worn this coat enough that I feel naked when I take it off.” John growled in a slightly seductive way to let Alex know that he would prefer it that way, which drew something of a sigh. “No hello kiss?”

A gay member of a criminal organization with powers over fire, and a bisexual vigilante – and they were going out tonight.

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