The Advantage of Death

But in the end, being Dead didn’t matter so much.

He liked being Dead. Not needing his old health care package, he took out a much cheaper policy that simply regarded his body as a piece of property, and protected it against damage.

He continued to buy things, but not needing to buy food, or clothing, he could indulge in better things. Sports cars, at first. But he couldn’t drive them, so instead, he bought home theater systems. He hired a servant to load up the movies for him.

His body was embalmed, and preserved. He would sometimes look at it, thinking about his life, trying to remember exactly what it had been like to be alive. Wondering what it was missing. After a few years, he couldn’t remember anymore, though he remembered cold facts better than when he was Alive.

Well liked by his co-workers, he would invite them to watch movies at his house, let them drive his cars. But his managers loved him best: he was Employee of the Year several hundred times.

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