Forgetting The Rule

Lettie knelt down by the animal’s hind leg, keeping her crystalline blue eyes carefully trained on it’s face. Lettie could tell when a bull was getting angry, and when bulls got angry, they kicked. Taking up the sponge from the dusty ground beside her and dipping into the bucket of soapy water sitting on a dead tree stump sprouting up near her leg, Lettie began to wash down the bull’s hind legs. The mocha colored fur that grew on the big bull turned even darker as the water ran over it. All her life Lettie had lived on a cattle farm. Whether it was milking the cows or washing the bulls, she was always doing something with animals. Never had she gotten harmed by a cow or bull though…Lettie let her gaze wander absentmindely, forgetting the rule, “always keep your eyes on the bull’s face”. In a split second, Lettie was lying on the ground, her face wracked with pain. Blood went into her eyes and stung them fiercley. Always keep your eyes on the bull… Always keep your eyes on the bull…

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