Strange Teacher

I watched her walk away, her hips rolling like they were on ballbearings. Phillipe would pay high dollars to get her in his stable. I walked back the the classroom, locked the door, then headed for my car. On the way I took out my cell phone and punched in Phillipe’s number.

“Yo, you talk.” Phillipe answered.

“Phillipe, it’s me.”

“Who’s me?”

“You know who it is. Bradford.” I said.

“Ah, Mister Sacket, do you have a little something for me, a little green something?”

“Not yet. But I may have found your next porno star. She’s hot, dark hair, great body, even has an attitude about her.”

“If she’s got all that why does she want to get into the business?”

I cleared my throat. “She’s a student. She doesn’t know anything about the business.”

Long pause.

Finally – “Maybe you best esplain yourself.” Phillipe said.

Suddenly my mouth was as dry as dust. “She aspires to go to college, but comes from a poor family. Her grades are ok, but not scholarship material. She needs dough.”

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