The License Plate Number

The police had to calm the boys down, as they were all talking at once. Finally, Bobby, shushed his buddies and told what they had seen. The officers opened the back door of the car and the boys piled in. “We’ll take good care of them,” one of the officers told Bobby’s parents.

The police car’s headlight made two yellow tunnels of light as it neared the old schoolhouse. If anything the building looked even scarier at night. Bobby directed the police to the location of the sedan, which was no longer there.

The officers got out of the car and stood talking for a couple of minutes. The boys discovered they couldn’t open the doors in back. “This is cool,” Billy said. “They have to open the door for us like a chauffeur.”

Bobby punched Billy on the arm. “Onion breath, they do that so the bad guys can’t get out.” It was then a policeman opened the door, “Lead the way,” he said.

They all spilled out, but Bobby held his arms out, keeping them behind him.

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