Pixie Wings!

“Good idea,” I said quickly, jumping up with speed and agility the girl obviously wasn’t expecting in my enthusiasm at going to wherever Wes was and making him talk to me. She hesitated while I stretched out my wings to their full length, a mere six foot wingspan. That was nothing campared to Wes’ seven and a half. “Are you coming?” She hesitated before slowly unfolding her…


They were…well…pixie wings for crying out freaking loud. Pink and black. While the rest of us had strong feathery wings that could hold up in a full out blasted war and could fly us places for hours at a time with no stops she looked like she could barely make a half hour without stopping. I mean, I suppose they were pretty but not entirely practical. Especially if…

“Ok,” I sank back to the ground and gestured for her to make herself comfortable, “Now, we’re going to start over. I want your name, what you were really doing, and why you lied. Oh, and why you have those.” I pointed needlessly at her wings.

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