Saying HIS Name

“Bye Beth” HE laughed. I was so mad at my brother! He ruined a perfect moment!

“Cam wait!” I begged. He stopped. I couldn’t believe I said HIS name! Wait, what was I going to say?! “Um.. I’ll see you tomorrow?” I finished lamely.

He smiled and said, “Yeah, tomorrow.”

I went inside. The thoughts of him started immediately. Cam was in front of my house! Cam talked to me! Cam asked me to the dance!

The dance! I ran to ask my mom to go dress shopping.

“Beth! you just made my day! Wait ‘til I call your grandma!”
“Mo-om!” I was so red! My being involved with a boy was front page news. My brother seemed jealous that he was finally NOT the center of attention.

“Mom! I got a detention today!” He hollered just to see if she would notice.

“Grammie will be so pleased! I’ll go call her now! And we’ll talk later Mister!” Mom was unwavering in her path to the phone.

Graham stuck his tongue out at me. I stuck mine out in return and went to hide in my room away from Mom’s gushing over me.

I wanted to think of Cam!

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