Accursed Memory

I sat bolt upright in a dark room, panting and dreanched in cold sweat. I could’ve sworn I heard my leader and mentor Pat shriek my name. I must’ve been dreaming of that first encounter.
My first encounter.

I’d just joined our cause against them; I was innocent & naive. Pat decided to show me some of the ropes, figuring I was ready. We ventured into one of their main warehouses.
We strolled innocently inside, but I had the strangest feeling of deja vu. Why did I have the feeling it belonged to-?
“Lily, my niece!” I turned, facing my Uncle Lex. I’d never gotten used to this uncle, so I wasn’t sure how to react. His eyes wandered to Pat, whispered something to one of his cronies, & tried to lead me away in an uncle-y fashion.
“Sir, she’s with me,” Pat said, trying to ease me toward him.
“I beg pardon but she’s my niece,” Lex retorted, pushing me to a back safe.

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