Accursed Confinement

“Who—” I began, but he cut me off by putting a hand over my mouth.

“Let me explain everything,” he began. “My name is Henry. Terribly old fashioned, I know, but my parents thought it would be astounding to have a son named after an ancient king.”

I almost started to say that I didn’t think it was so old-fashioned at all, but I caught myself at the last second.

“I was enlisted in the Grand’s army at the age of 7, like all the other boys my age. I gradually went up through the ranks, and now I’m one of the Grand’s most trusted officials, at the age of 23. Nice, eh? So, now the Secretist Party handed you over to me for safekeeping and information.”

I stared at him. No, it couldn’t be.

“Ah, I see you’ve heard of me. Well, yes, I suppose that is part of being such a governmental power.”

This man standing before me was the third in command of the entire world. He most likely had thousands of guards posted just outside the door, and windows as well! There was no way I would be left alone.

I was doomed.

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