We all need a Happy Crazy Day

I leaned my head against the car window while Hannah prattled on about our success. Half of me wanted to cheer with her and was all for some of the crazy things she proposed to celebrate: a party, the movies, cliff-diving, hiring an airplane to carry a sign that said ‘They got caught!’ in really humongous letters, and other things that just got crazier as they went along. The other half just wanted to take a nap and forget everything that had happened. She heard her mom whisper something to her dad about ‘hardened-criminals’ and ‘my baby boy’. Ugh, please, I thought, Anything but having to listen to my mom worry.

“Amy? Did you just hear a word I said?”

“Uhm,” I struggled to bring the happy half forward. “Something about being heros? Key to the city?”

“Actually, I was talking about how your hair needs a trim but that sounds like a great idea!” I rolled my eyes but let her keep talking. We all needed to have a happy crazy day every once in a while.

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